Louie’s Smokin’ Brisket Sandwiches

Season 2, Episode 14 (04.06.16)
[chef: Laura Ray]

Laura is famous for her brisket… and for her Generosity Tourette’s. Whenever there is an event… or a funeral… Laura is making brisket!

Here is a twist on that famous brisket – a smokey sandwich with coleslaw.

• 5 to 6 lb. Beef Brisket
• 1 Small Bag of Baby Red Potatoes
• 1 Medium Chopped Onion
• 2 Tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce
• ½ Cup of Chili Sauce
• 1 Tbs. of Red Hot Sauce
• Liquid Smoke (optional)
• Garlic, Celery & Onion Salt
• Salt & Seasoned Pepper to Taste

• In aluminum foil pan, place brisket (fat up) and sprinkle liquid smoke. Add celery, garlic and onion salts, Worcestershire Sauce on top of brisket. Sprinkle Brisket with Chopped Onions and top with Chili Sauce and Red Hot Sauce mixture.

• Cover tightly with Aluminum Foil and let it sit overnight.

• In the morning, preheat oven to 350 degrees.
• Bake the covered brisket for 3 hours.

• Take the brisket out, uncover, and slice ‘against the grain’.

• Place the sliced brisket back into the juices, and place back into the oven at 200 degrees until ready to serve.

• Lightly brush butter on sandwich bun, and toast under oven broiler.
• Place brisket on toasted bun and top with coleslaw.

• Serve immediately and ENJOY!


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