Aunt Gail’s Famous Brisket

Season 1, Episode 1 (12.18.14)
[chef: Laura Ray]

Welcome to the first edition of the cooking show! I hope you enjoy it and find yourself in a food coma after trying this recipe for yourself!


5 – 6 lb. Beef Brisket (with some fat)
2 Bags of Small Red Potatoes (Washed & Cleaned)
1 Medium Chopped Onion
2 Jars of Chili Sauce
Worcestershire Sauce
Crazy Jane’s Mix-Up Salt
Favorite Type of Black Pepper Spices (I love McCormick’s)

1 Bag of Dollar Rolls (sliced in half)

Place all ingredients in cooking pan and cover with tin foil.
Cook at 350º for 4 hours.
Remove from oven and thinly slice.
Cook for an additional 3 hours.

Serve on Dollar Rolls.

One thought on “Aunt Gail’s Famous Brisket

  1. You are fabulous darling! I want to be your new best friend. Can’t wait to try Aunt Gail’s Brisket. Best of Luck on your new endeavor.


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